Joanne Leighton

Directrice of the  National Choreographic Center of Franche-Comté in Belfort since may 2010, Joanne is a Belgian-Australian choreographer whose professional career is linked to an original, dynamic and constantly evolving vision of dance. Her work and discourse is permeated by an emphasis on dialogue and exchange, both with the public and with her dancers and artistic collaborators.

Joanne Leighton has more than twenty choreographic works to her name, including pieces such as Display/Copy Only (2004) and Made in Taiwan (2004), which have toured extensively in France and internationally. Over a period of 18 years, her works have been programmed and produced in countries such as Germany, Australia, Belgium, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Holland and the UK.

During 2010 Joanne was associate choreographer at the Pole Sud theatre in Strasbourg, as well as choreographer in residence at the Scène Nationale of Orléans where she was responsible for choreographic development with various organisations in the city.

In December 2010 she created Made in Strasbourg for 99 performers, which was presented in-situ at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Strasbourg. This is the first of the Made in... series. In spring/summer of 2011, the company (re)created and performed Made in Oldenburg and then Made in Metz at the renowned Pompidou Center Metz  and in 2012 Made in Vesoul, each with its own cast of local participants and with a unique response to the specific architecture of each site.

In January 2011 she presented Fibonacci Sequence a new work for The Modulables, an umbrella title which groups together short pieces for stage or non-theatrical performance. These are either existing or new works which are assembled to make new site-specific pieces. In March 2012 the company installed The Modulables at the CND (National Dance Center in Paris) for an ambulatory public.

In May 2012, Joanne Leighton created Exquisite Corpse, a piece for 7 dancers and 58 choreographers based on the « cadavre exquis » process, famously developed by the early surrealists.

In September 2011, she launched The Belfort Vigil, a work for 731 inhabitants of Belfort and surroundings, which will be performed over 366 consecutive days from September 18th, 2011 until September 17th, 2012. This work will be recreated in September 2012 for The Laval Vigil for Laval Theater and The Rennes Vigil for Les Tombées de la Nuit, festival in Rennes.

Recognised and established internationally for her choreographic work, Joanne Leighton has also given classes and workshops for a number of leading international companies, workshops for amateurs, master classes for professionals, as well as workshops for a young public. 

In 2010 Joanne received the Belgian SACD prize for her work.  

From 2011 to 2014, Joanne Leighton is associate choreographer at the Rive Gauche in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray.



After studying contemporary dance at the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris, Jérôme has established himself as one of the premiere dancers of his generation.

He has worked with a number of leading choreographers including: Daniel Larrieu, Mié Coquempot, Laure Bonicel, Mathilde Monnier, Alain Buffard, and more recently Fanny de Chaillé, Herman Diephuis, Stéphanie Aubin and Emmanuelle Huynh.

He has also worked in film and video, and created the short films Rewind, Sur-prise, within the framework of the project A l’œil nu by Rachid Ouramdane, as well as Démonstration for Stéphanie Aubin.

In 2011 he worked with the photographer Maxime Lefèvre-Roque.

Exquisite Corpse in 2012 is his first collaboration with Joanne Leighton.

Matthieu BAJOLET


After studying at the school of the Ballet du Nord in 1997, Matthieu Bajolet entered the Conservatoire Supérieur de Lyon, where he was able to expand his horizons through exposure to the work of José Limon, Denis Plassard, Dominique Bagouet, Merce Cunningham… In 2002 he entered P.A.R.T.S. , directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker where he was trained in the working techniques of choreographers such as William Forsythe and Trisha Brown, as well as having the opportunity to work with artists such as Elisabeth Corbett, Chrysa Parkinson, Andros Zins-Browne… 

In 2005, on returning to France, he undertook studies at Paris VIII in Licence Arts du spectacle chorégraphique. From 2006 to 2009, he was a dancer at the CCN de Caen with Hela Fattoumi and Eric Lamoureux. He has also worked with  Franck Apertet, Annie Vigier (Les Gens d’Uterpan), Thomas Lebrun, Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottreau, Dominique Brun.

In April 2009 he made the duo He’s dead, Jim with Judith Gars. He is presently working with Mylène Benoit and Olivier Normand for La chair du monde and ICI. In 2010, he joined the team at the CCNFCB/Joanne Leighton for Display/Copy Only, for the project Made in... Series and in the creation of a new Modulable. In 2012 he worked on the creation of the new work by Joanne Leighton, Exquisite Corpse.



Marion Carriau started her dance training at the CNR de Paris in 1999, where she participated in the creation of two works by invited choreographers : Sans titre by Nacéra Belaza in 2002 and De cour à Jardin by Nadège Maclay in 2003.

She was subsequently accepted for the CNDC d’Angers, where she studied until 2005.

She worked with Gianni Josef in L’Ecrin, Carlos Cueva in Zonas and Iztok Kovak in Play on strings. In 2006 she participated in the creation of the duo Le Loup du Chien choreographed by Mohammed Shafik and produced by Les fables à La Fontaine/la Petite Fabrique. In the same year, she worked with Les Gens d’uterpan/ Annie Vigier and Franck Apertet on the protocols of the performance X-Event. In 2007, she was an actress in Terrain Vague, a piece by the company Käfig which toured until 2011. The following year she performed in the La chair du monde with Mylène Benoit/compagnie Contour Progressif. Since 2009, she has trained intensively in the traditional Indian dance form, bharata natyam with Vydia at the Centre Mandapa in Paris. In 2010 she performed both contemporary and indian dance in the work  Lakmé(s) choreographed by Sylvie Guillermin. In 2011, she created the duo Molt with Jung-Ae-Kim.

In 2011/2012 she joined Joanne Leighton to work on the creation of a new Modulable, as well as Exquisite Corpse.



Like many young girls, Elodie Bergerault started classical dance at a young age, but it was contemporary dance that confirmed her intention to be a dancer.

She has shared in the choreographic universes of Odile Duboc, Laura Scozzi, Micheline Lelièvre, and has equally participated in the research and performance program Danaïade which takes dance into environments where it is less known, especially into the world of business and events.

Elodie has also worked with Joanne Leighton on a number of performance projects combining professionals and amateurs, in particular Made in...Series and Exquisite Corpse.

Yoann Boyer

Artiste Chorégraphique

Yoann Boyer a fait ses premiers pas dans le monde artistique avec l'école des arts du cirque “O’Salto”. Pendant huit ans, il a exploré les possibilités du jonglage, acrobaties et l’univers du clown. Son intérêt pour le mouvement et la pratique de "corps" l'a emmené à rejoindre le groupe grenade dirigé par Josette Baiz. 
Curieux et désireux de découvrir de nouvelles pratiques, il étudie avec d’autres chorégraphes comme Wim Vandekeybus, David Zambrano, The Peeping tom collecif et découvre le Butô avec Carlotta Ikeda.
En parallèle il développe un vif intérêt pour la danse-contact et l’improvisation. Il se rapproche alors de personnes telles que Julyenn Hamilton, Jess Curtis, Alicia Grayson…
En 2005 il intègre le programme D.A.N.C.E (Dance Apprentices Network aCross Europe). Pendant ces deux années il est interprète dans différentes pièces de William Forsythe, Pierre Droulers, Thierry de Mey et Lutz Greggor.
En 2007 il travail avec la compagnie de Carolyn Carlson et poursuit en parallèle sa collaboration avec Pierre Droulers.
Il intègre en 2008 le collectif bruxellois "Solo Conversations" basant sa recherche sur la pratique de l’improvisation.
Il a été invité par Julyenn Hamilton pour une série de performances qui ont eu lieu dans le courant 2010/11.
Aujourd’hui il collabore avec Stefan Dreher, Pierre Droulers et Joanne Leighton.

Nicolas FLOC'H


Born in 1970 in Rennes, Nicolas Floc'h is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (Master of Fine Art). Through the exploration of different formal paths, Nicolas combines a fascination for the natural processes of growth and development with an interest in the processes of production, distribution, circulation and consumption of art and design. This double interest has led to a continual questioning of the limits between art, the artistic professions, techniques of production, and industrial design.  

Essentially, he is intrigued by the processes of disintegration and regeneration, of deconstruction and reconstruction. The common denominator between his different artistic practices, manifests itself through a range of activities: through research and analysis of the essential characteristics of the ancient discipline which is painting (Peintures Recyclées/Fashion Paintings/ Monochromes), and by the particular attention he pays to the frontiers of sculpture and the exploration of its functionality (Functional Floor / Structure Multifonction). These sculptures are fragile structures (Pélagique au Capc de Bordeaux) which are almost ephemeral, gradually disappearing or decomposing, sometimes eatable or at least consumable (Écritures Productives / Beer Kilometer / untitled barbecue).   
Each work utilizes a cyclical structure, or is a self-contained and independent system in which processes of transformation take place. These installations or sculptures function as endogenous performances. Often, participants act as catalyzers, but equally, they can evolve without human intervention in a simple process of transformation, appearance and disappearance.

In the globality of his practice, Nicolas analyses the process of transformation: he observes changes and transitions, revealing how something transforms from one state to the other, and tries to establish a distinction between what is ephemeris and what is eternal, what disappears and what remains at each stage of the metamorphosis.

Nicolas’s work has been shown internationally, and is included in collections such as: (MAC/VAL,Vitry-sur-Seine ; FRAC Bretagne; CRAC, Sète ; Matucana 100, Santiago, Chili ; SMAK, Gent, Belgium ; Musée d’art Moderne, Lima, Peru…). Recently he has participated in events such as the Biennale de Rennes, « Regards croisés » in 2008, the biennale Mercosur at Porto Alegre in 2009, and the exhibition « Danser sa vie » at the Centre Georges Pompidou in 2011.



Maryse Gautier worked for a number of years as part of a film collective, producing short and medium-length 16 mm films as well as documentary photography. In 1990 she met Félix Lefebvre, Gilles Seclin and Jean-Luc Chanonat at the Théâtre des Amandiers., where they worked with Patrice Chéreau in lighting design. Following on from this experience, she became an assistant, working with lighting designers such as Franck Thévenon, Dominique Bruguière, Joël Hourbeigt, Daniel Lévy,  and with Patrice Trottier with whom she worked on lighting design for both theatre and contemporary dance.
Lights interest Maryse as a «vibrating matter», and she looks for the relationships between this «matter» and the performance space, bodies, words, sounds … In responding to these complimentary elements of performance, she creates a unique lighting experience based more on the perceptual than the visual, a way of infusing the space. 

With student dancers and actors, she regularly participates in workshops into lighting and the perception of light, and has directed a number of projects with the students at the ENSAD in Paris,  as well as the CFPTS. In 2008 she met Joanne Leighton, and has created lights for the pieces Surface, Real Imitation, The End and Exquisite Corpse. 

She has worked with choreographers and theatre directors such as: Fabrice Ramalingom, Régine Chopinot, Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, Jean-François Auguste, Elise Vigier, Fred Loliée, Maud Buquet,  Radhouane El Meddeb Maria Donata D’urso, Guy Régis, Martin Chaput, Martial Chalazon,  Pascal Kirsch, Bénédicte Le Lamer, Gianni Grégory Fornet,  Michel Simonot,  Opiyo Okach, Saskia Hölbling, Claude Régy, Christian Bourigaut, Gilles Dao,  Bruno Geslin,  Raffaëlla Giordano, Hélène Cathala,  Jean Baptiste Sastre, Pierre Maillet,  Elu and Steven Cohen,  Ornella D’Agostino,  Jean-Marc Bourg with Christophe Forey,  Loïc Touzé, Robert Lepage...

Alexandre Iseli

Artiste chorégraphique

Né en Suisse en 1970, Alexandre Iseli se dédie complètement à la danse après l’obtention d’un master en Biologie à l’Université de Lausanne.

Depuis 2002, Alexandre Iseli a travaillé avec, notamment, Philippe Saire (Cie Philippe Saire, Suisse), Régine Chopinot (Ballet Atlantique Régine Chopinot, CCN de Poitou-Charentes), Liz Roche (Liz Roche Company, Irlande), Odile Duboc (CCN de Franche-Comté), In Young Sohn (Now Company, Korea), Dance Theatre of Ireland (Dublin).

Alexandre collabore avec Joanne Leighton depuis 2003, participant à la création, entre autres, de Display Copy/Only, et Five Easy Pieces.

En 2008, en partenariat avec Jazmin Chiodi, il fonde Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company. Artistes résidents au Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, Alexandre Iseli et Jazmin Chiodi dirigent Tipperary Dance Residency, un projet visant à implanter la danse contemporaine localement, qui inclut des programmes dirigés vers les écoles, les professionnels, ainsi qu’un festival annuel, Tipperary Dance Platform.

Marie-Pierre JAUX


Since 2002, Marie-Pierre has been choreographic artist responsible for cultural mediation and public projects at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Franche-Comté in Belfort. As part of this position, she has initiated a number of projects for the development of choreographic culture, in which she has appeared as a performer.

She is a graduate in contemporary dance,  and holds a license in Administration and management of cultural institutions, and plays the cello.

In 2010 she participated in Made in Strasbourg, Joanne Leighton’s project for 99 amateur and 5 professional dancers at the Musée d’art contemporain in Strasbourg. This is the first of the Made in... series. In 2011, she participed in Made in Oldenburg, Made in Metz, Made in Charleroi and in 2012 Made in Vesoul. In May 2012, Marie-Pierre Jaux participated in Exquisite Corpse.

Claire Laureau

Artiste Chorégraphique

Après avoir eu la chance de danser à l'âge de 8 ans dans la pièce La poudre des anges de Karine Saporta, Claire Laureau suit une formation en danse contemporaine assez traditionnelle aux CNR de Caen, CNR de Lyon et CNSMDP.

Elle travaille en tant que professionnelle auprès de Dominique Brun, Emmanuelle Vo-dinh, Laura Scozzy, Fatou Traoré et Olivier Dubois. Elle rencontre Joanne Leighton fin 2009 pour la création de The End puis pour 5 easy pieces.

En 2010, elle a participé à la création de Made in Strasbourg, première création du projet de Joanne Leighton Made in... Série, pièce avec  99 nouveaux amateurs et 5 danseurs. Elle a ainsi été interprète dans Made in Oldenburg en avril 2011, et en juin 2011 au Centre Pompidou Metz pour Made in Metz. Parallèlement à son travail d'interprète pour Joanne Leighton, Claire Laureau danse pour La Bazooka de Sarah Crépin (Monstres) ainsi que pour Béatrice Massin (Songes et Atys).