There is nothing like exercise or dance to make us feel healthy. Dancing salsa is perhaps one of the best methods not only to exercise the body, but it is also fun and with it we can do something good for our health while having a good time.

Now do we really know how to dance salsa? It seems easy but like any other dance it is not. This does not mean that it is impossible to learn so whether you are a great dancer or not, we want to give you now the guidelines on how to dance salsa well.

Introduction to Salsa dancing and musicality

If you want to know how to dance salsa well, you must first know what kind of dance it is. Salsa has its origin in the Caribbean although it is actually a type of dance with Afro-Caribbean and European roots. Within the same dance style we can find different ways of dancing salsa.

Mainly it is a couple dance, in which the movement of feet and hips must be coordinated by both sides although we also find that you can dance in a group, so before starting to know “how” you should choose the type of salsa you like to dance.

Experiment with different types of salsa music, fast and slow from different artists and countries, so that you can begin to recognize the different styles of salsa that there are.

The more you listen to salsa music, the more familiar it will seem and the more comfortable you will feel with it. Try to listen to the beat and discern patterns in the songs. This is a good mental exercise because the knowledge of the songs will be stored in your memory and then activated the next time you step on the dance floor, so it will only take a moment to find out if the song is more or less fast salsa and you will know what beat to bring.

You have to follow the rhythm and keep up with it. The rhythm of salsa is 1-2-3-4, slow-fast-fast-slow … (the basic step being to take one step forward and one step backwards fast-fast, or to do slower steps with a pause in the middle when you put your feet back together).

When you start noticing that by taking these steps you can keep up with the rhythm of the song, you’ll realize that you’re starting to master salsa or at least you’re learning how to get started.

The importance of the position for dancing salsa

You must keep your knees bent as much as possible when dancing salsa if you want to get the body movement right. If you dance with your legs straight, you will end up feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Don’t be obsessed with just gently positioning your knees and trying to keep them at the same level the whole time you are dancing.

Unlike soft dances, such as the foxtrot or waltz, which have an up and down action, salsa is danced on one level only. The exceptions of course are found when we evolve within the dance, and as I said, if we consider the different ways of dancing salsa that exist, but the truth is that with the basic steps we don’t have to be jumping up and down.

Keep your arms soft and flexible, but also keep a firm connection with your partner, so that both of you are able to respond to the other movements.

In general, the look of salsa is very fluid, although it is very fast. This is all due to learning how to position your arms, legs, hips and body in general with respect to your partner. Once you master everything you will look like you are practically a professional.

High head and eye contact while dancing salsa

Unlike tango, salsa looks better when you hold your head up high and look straight ahead and pay attention to your partner and what is going on around you. You should avoid looking at your feet, unless you are momentarily confused by the steps.

Latest tips on how to dance salsa

Salsa dancing is fun! Don’t be afraid or nervous if you make a mistake! Just enjoy, and be confident that you know how to take every step. It is also important to find a dance partner with whom you can understand and above all have fun. Don’t drag your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife along because you feel like dancing if they don’t want to, because all you’ll get is for them to get bored and you won’t make any progress.

Salsa dancing is always identified with being a sexy dance. Don’t force yourself to be sexy if you don’t get it right from the start. Once you begin to master the hip swing that is characteristic of salsa, you will see how sensuality will come out little by little.

You just have to find moves that you are comfortable with and slowly incorporate them into your dancing. There are people who have more facility to move their hips, but in reality, we are all suitable for dancing. Just because it doesn’t come naturally to you doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Practice and you’ll see how it turns out in the end.

Why should you learn to dance salsa?

There are many reasons why learning to dance Salsa is something you should keep in mind and we want to give you some reasons to see it more clearly.

Let’s see why you would do well:

  • You improve blood circulation: when you move, your body’s blood also notices the movement and this helps it to circulate much better and avoid circulation problems like varicose veins. If you already have them, you will see that once you start with this dance, they will improve.
  • You improve your cardiovascular system: you get more resistance and, with it, you improve the functioning of your lungs as well as your heart.
  • You exercise your muscles and lose weight: although it may not seem like it, when you dance salsa you make a lot of effort and this helps you exercise your muscles.
  • Better with a partner: if you go dancing with your partner, you will discover that there is a secret language in the dance that will bring you closer together. In fact, statistically, the couples who are also dancing are the ones who last the longest and enjoy the most sincere relationships.
  • It is fun and you take advantage of your leisure time: dancing salsa is a lot of fun and it is an activity that will allow us to enjoy our leisure time much more. At the same time, it will allow us to release tension from work and will improve our mood.
  • It allows you to rest better: whether you are listening to music or exercising, dancing salsa will allow you to rest much better. You will find that it will be much easier for you to fall asleep while enjoying a deeper and more relaxed sleep.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with practicing this sport, so you shouldn’t think twice. Start looking for a place to go to take classes, as well as a good partner with whom to share this great experience.